Silfloc is a cationic, water-soluble polymer.
Calcium Nitrate (Envirofloc)
Envirofloc is a hygroscopic granule, which is an excellent source of calcium for clear water drilling. It can also be used as a calcium source in Invert oil emulsions or as an accelerator for oil well cement.
Alkapam (1003/1103/1703)
Alkapam is an effective, nonionic polymer flocculent used for clear water drilling.
MUD Floc
Mud Floc is used as a flocculent to provide clarification of drilling fluids or solids-laden waste water.
Ultra Floc L
Ultra Floc L is an anionic polymer used in fresh water and brines. It possesses a notable tolerance to higher temperatures.
Alcomer 755 / 758
A medium molecular weight, polyacrylamide-based flocculent that exhibits a high degree of cationic charge. Once hydrated, it reacts readily to provide superior floc formation and performance in a variety of solids and liquid separation processes.