BASEblok is a unique blend of fibers, modified polysaccharide and industrial carbon.
Clearex is a blend of polymers and fluid-loss control additives developed for combating severe loss circulation.
Controlseal is a wellbore-strengthening blend that combines resilient property ideally suited for seepage control and deformation into fractures and formation voids.
Enviroplug #8
Enviroplug is a high-swelling bentonite that absorbs five times its weight in water and swells to a volume of 12 to 16 times its dry bulk, making it an ideal sealant.
Enviroplug Medium
Enviroplug Medium is the first bentonite chip. This pure Wyoming bentonite chip is designed for use as a sealant in hole abandonment, casing seals or any vertical seal to prevent water movement up or down the borehole.
Fiber Fluid
Fiber Fluid is a finely milled seepage control and lost circulation material that is an effective sealing and bridging agent for depleted sands.
Formaseal is a bridging agent that has a resilient property ideally suited for seepage control in oil-based mud.
Frac Squeeze
Frac Squeeze is a complete loss of returns material that is made up of a large PSD of unique bridging and sealing agents. It is squeezed into thief zones, forming a solid plug reducing wellbore stress. Can be used in water, oil-based and synthetic muds.
Graphite provides loss circulation controls as well as a low coefficient of friction, resulting in reduced torque and drag.
Kwik Seal
Kwik Seal is a blend of particles that contains high-strength granules, flakes and fibers with a specific particle size distribution. It seals effectively under both high and low differential pressure.
Magma Fiber
Magma Fiber is a specially formulated, acid-soluble, extrusion spun mineral fiber for lost circulation issues.
Maxi Seal
Maxi Seal is a blend of lost circulation materials formulated to cover a wide range of situations common in the occurrence of lost circulation.
Mica is a lost circulation material supplied in fine, medium and coarse grind sizes.
Nutshell is a loss circulation material made up of ground nutshell.
OSR is a sized oil-soluble resin bridging material.
Pol-E-Flake is a blend of multi-sized polycellulose flakes.
Polyseal is a blend of multi-sized flakes and shredded strands of polycellulose and polyethylene materials.
Primaseal is a blend of granular and fiber material formulated to cover a wide range of situations common in the occurrence of loss circulation.
Rubber Crumb
Rubber Crumb is a lost circulation material made up of vulcanized rubber ground to a specific size.
Finely processed wood chips.
Super Sweep
Super Sweep is a synthetic fiber produced in uniform lengths to allow for rapid dispersion and uniform flow ability in a wide range of fluids.
Ultra Seal
Ultra Seal effectively seals well formations to control differential sticking and prevent loss circulation issues. It is a blend of cellulosic fiber groups, filtrate control agents and physical lubricants.