Bentone 150
Bentone 150 is an easy dispersing, self-activating organoclay that exhibits high-performance efficiency in diesel, low-aromatic mineral oil, alpha olephins and modified vegetable oil-contained base fluid formulations.
Bentone 910
Bentone 910 is an organophillic clay, treated with quaternary amine compound. It is used to increase carrying capacity and hole cleaning of oil-based mud systems.
Bentonite – Natural Gel
Natural Gel is an untreated bentonite commonly used in mud systems. The bentonite is pre-hydrated and then flocculated with a salt such as K+.
Bentonite – ABI High Yield
ABI High Yield bentonite is used to provide quick viscosity when required.
Bentonite – Regular
Regular bentonite is used in all types of fresh water drilling fluids.
BriChem LG 100
BriChem LG 100 is a non-thixotropic, biopolymer liquid suspension in a light mineral oil base. It disperses and yields readily in water and brines.
CoreVis is an economical, one-sack product that contains viscosity and bridging agents for both rheology and filtration control.
HEC 10
HEC 10 polymer is a non-ionic, high molecular weight, hydroxyethyl cellulose designed to viscosify water-based fluids.
Kelzan XCD
Kelzan XCD is used primarily as a viscosifier in fresh water, seawater or saline muds, but also provides a measure of filtration control.
A high molecular weight, dispersible biopolymer used for rheology control in water-based systems.
SECURE VIS is a dispersible xanthan gum that is used primarily as a viscosifier in fresh water, seawater or saline mud systems.
Salt Gel
Salt Gel is used as a viscosifier in saline mud systems or in mud systems exposed to a high-temperature environment.
Ultratone is a gellant for oil mud systems that very rapidly disperses, developing yield at a low shear and in cold, low-aromatic content oils.
Ultra Vis-H
Ultra Vis-H is a pure, high viscosity, HEC polymer suspended in mineral oil.