SECURE can provide its customers high quality gypsum through SECURE Minerals. In operation since 1946, this dedicated multi-mineral processing and packaging facility located in Lethbridge, Alberta services the energy industry in Western Canada.

SECURE’S Gypsum Features

  • Calcium sulfate dihydrate or more commonly known “Gypsum” has been used as an economical fertilizer for more than 200 years
  • Gypsum helps plants build extensive root systems to support the plants and their yields through stressful conditions
  • SECURE Minerals has experience selling into the drilling, agriculture and horticulture industries
  • Robust supply chain with many international suppliers


SECURE can manufacture and produce gypsum in any type of packaging as listed below:

  • 25 kg multi-wall paper sacks

        -Pallet dimensions are 42”x42” two way

  • Super sacks (1.4 MT or 1,400 kg) to optimize trucking loads
  • Bulk

SECURE also offers the option to deliver in either pneumatic bulk trucks or flat deck trucks.