A trusted partner throughout the energy life cycle.

With over 90 services, SECURE Energy Services is equipped to help our client’s at every stage of the oil and gas life cycle – from the initial drilling phase, to completions, production and final abandonment – we provide our client’s a unique and tailored integrated services package to help them achieve their operational goals efficiently while staying on budget, and on time.

  • Drilling Solutions

    Reduce the time to drill while increasing fluid re-use and reducing disposal costs. Improve the efficiency of your drilling program with an integrated, customized solution tailored to your specific needs. Our drilling services solution combines drilling fluids, invert blending and reconditioning, fluids and solids equipment, drilling waste management, and fluids and solids disposal services. We are always looking for new, cost-saving technologies for our clients.
  • Completions Solutions

    Reduce your overall completions cost while optimizing efficiencies with a highly customized solution. SECURE provides a variety of services to help you optimize your well completions, learn more about how we can help below.
  • Production Solutions

    SECURE provides equipment and product solutions that optimize production, provide flow assurance and help our clients maintain the integrity of their production assets. Our clients are able to maximize oil and gas production revenues through customized and integrated stimulation and recovery services, and flexible market access through pipeline connected full service terminals and rail transloading facilities.
  • Inactive Well Solutions

    When it comes to our clients’ inactive wells, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. As a core service line, we provide passionate, experienced and knowledgeable experts throughout the process. We provide professional services including project coordination, consistently successful execution and high-level management. Along with specialized equipment and cutting edge technology, we utilize proven methods to execute all aspects of the end-of-life well/facilities/lease and access program.