Our Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement

SECURE Energy Services (SECURE) is committed to inspiring, motivating and supporting a corporate HSE culture that aligns with our Vision, Mission and Values.   

It is our predominant HSE objective to exceed expectations and prevent all losses by providing innovative, safe, and environmentally responsible solutions in all aspects of our business.  The following pillars set the foundation to attain this objective:


SECURE is committed to provide HSE and emergency response training and development to all of our people. All managers, supervisors, employees, contractors and visitors will understand and demonstrate HSE and emergency response competency as it pertains to their role. 


SECURE is committed to achieve or exceed compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies.  Additionally, SECURE will embrace and support practical and applicable industry recommended guidelines, programs and practices.


SECURE is committed to protecting the environment in all of our operational areas.  We will innovatively pursue opportunities to reduce the use of natural resources through the recovery and repurposing of all usable products through our processes.


SECURE is committed to open and honest communication with government, regulatory agencies, aboriginal communities and members of the public with respect to all HSE aspects in the life cycle of our operations.

Continuous Improvement

SECURE is committed to continuous improvement of our HSE Program.  We will set performance-driven targets to achieve high standards of excellence and track continuous improvement through annual reviews.

Rene Amirault
President and CEO                                                 June 2017