SECURE proudly offers a full line of oilfield production chemicals. Our core technologies feature corrosion mitigation strategies, acid gas corrosion prevention, paraffin mitigation strategies, oil treating to pipeline specifications, sulphur mitigation, thermal well production enhancement as well as many others outlined in SECURE’s product offering.  Coupled with our production enhancement and lab services, we follow through with your production needs start to finish. 

Asphaltene Chemistires 

Emulsion BreakersPipeline Chemicals 
BiocidesFoamers Refinery Chemicals
Boiler Chemicals Friction Reducers Sand Suspension
Clay StabalizersHalite InhibitorsScale Inhibitors
Cleaners and DegreasersHydrate Inhibitors Speciality Chemicals
Combo Corrosion and Scale InhibitorsH2S ScavengersStimulation Fluids 
Corrosion InhibitorsMineral OxidizersSulphur Control
Defoamers OScavengersWater Clarifiers 
Drag ReducersParaffin Chemistries

For additonal information and MSDS, please contact one of our sales representatives, find the one closest to you on our production chemcials home page.