SECURE's Production Enhancement team provides custom solutions, for all stimulation projects to improve and expedite the recovery of hydrocarbons. 

Our Production Enhancement specialists actively work to remediate and minimize damage to producing formations that occurs during normal production, drilling, injection and completion activity of a well. We focus on cost effective, engineered results to maximize and potentially enhance well performance. Each SECURE Production Enhancement program recommendation is fully customized to the unique needs of the customer and backed by a thorough application review, as well as applicable laboratory testing conducted at our fully equipped, sour service Edmonton lab

Our Process

Our Production Enchancement process is focused on providing solutions uniquely crafted to every situation we encounter. By taking a series of diagnostics to identify the problem, and then creating a custom design specific to your well, we are fully capable of helping you meet your production goals in an efficient and effective manner. See our Diagnostic, Design and Decision workflow below: 

As a result of the above workflow, our production enhancement services have many applications pertaining to a variety of well conditions.

Distribution Advantage 

SECURE provides an accesibilty advantage that makes our Production Enhancement services easily accessible in many locations accoss alberta. All of our products are locally blended at our Red Deer blending plant, central to all of our warehouse facilies, where products can be easily accessed by our customers. 

Production Enhancement Contacts


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Contact Details

Calgary, AB

Head Office

Ryan Stone: 403.984.6104 ext. 2674

Calgary, AB

Head Office

Jim Love: 409.984.6104 ext. 2782

Calgary, AB

Head Office

Kenny Adetona: 403.984.6104 ext. 2673