Along with our custom treatment plans, SECURE offers industry leading products to assist in the Production Enhancement process. 

ThermoSolv Product Line Thermal Well Scale Removers
Acid Solv HT HCl
Organic Acids Wax Solvents and Dispersants
Viscosity Reducers Scale Removers
Mutual Solvents Asphaltene Solvents and Dispersants
Polymer Degredation Biomass Dissolvers 

Application of our Thermosolv products for SAGD - A graphic case study 

In SAGD operations, steam is injected into the reservoir to heat bitumen which in turn, reduces bitumen viscosity and increases its mobility. This allows the bitumen to flow to the producing well where it can be pumped to surface and processed. In new or unfouled SAGD pairs; liner slots are open and unimpeded. This allows maximum inflow and production of the reservoir fluids.

Over time the liner slots and near well bore area of the producing well gradually becomes plugged with mineral scale and organic based material. As the open flow area of the producing well liner slots is reduced the production declines.

To restore the well back to maximum production rates the mineral scale and organic based material must be dissolved and removed from the well. To accomplish this, SECURE's Proprietary ThermoSolv line of products are injected into the wellbore, allowed to soak and dissolve the scale material and then produced back to surface. 

The result of the ThermoSolv stimulation treatment is that the production restricting scale has been removed, restoring production to maximum rates, without any damage to the integrity of the liner.