Our methods of site assessment and remediation are developed with regulatory endpoints in mind along with site specific conditions and client specified drivers such as timing and cost.

We take pride in our guideline development method that is based on each site-specific assessment. This helps to guide remedial activities for any type of project we may come across, from the simplest pathway exclusion to in-depth risk-based guideline development. 

The results of our Phase I investigations are used to guide subsequent soil, groundwater, and bedrock investigations. In-house geophysical services provide timely and specified support to investigations of spill-sites and historical releases.

 A diverse range of environmental remediation options for soil and groundwater can be applied, including excavation for landfill disposal, monitored natural attenuation or groundwater extraction and treatment. Environmental remediation can take place in conjunction with facility decommissioning services, including hazardous materials assessment. 

Beyond managing the tasks at hand, our forward-thinking team of scientists participate in research to ensure cutting edge options are available for our clients.



Our technical staff have depth of experience providing reclamation project scoping, cost estimation and supervision services to complete surface reclamation for abandoned wellsites and related facilities located in various terrain and soil conditions throughout western Canada. In addition to surface reclamation, abandoned site monitoring, and maintenance SECURE has the capacity to complete the required soil, vegetation and landscape assessment, reporting and professional sign off as required by applicable provincial regulatory bodies to obtain site closure. 

Case Studies: How our team has helped clients with the completion of successful remediation and reclamation projects 

Intrusive Drilling Investigation 

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