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Centrifuges for the toughest of jobs

A centrifuge provides effective separation of solid particles from fluids resulting in higher rates of penetration, increased drilling fluid life, reduced formation damage and lower drilling fluid and waste disposal costs due to efficient recycling rates. 

Our centrifuges are consistently maintained to avoid downtime between deployments.

Our suite of centrifuges offered are outlined in the following PDF documents:

Centrifuge Features

Automatic shut downs for motor overloads, electrical faults and excess vibration

  • Explosion proof motors and intrinsically safe control panels
  • Bearing temperature sensors
  • Hydraulic telescoping stand eliminates the need for a picker or crane during installation
  • Static grounding is standard on equipment installations
  • Engineered stairs provide safe access and eliminate the need for fall arrest systems
  • Touch screen controls allow for quick adjustments
  • Display includes main drive bowl, conveyor and pump speed, amps, torque
  • Overload protection features control the pump speed according to torque and preset limits