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Tailored Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Solutions

Our extensive in-house porous media and field servicing expertise enables us to provide unbiased state-of-the-art fluid analysis, sand pack and core studies under reservoir conditions.

We assist with EOR needs of a reservoir throughout the life cycle of the project from:

  • Concept feasibility
  • Selection and qualification of chemicals
  • Porous media testing
  • Field pilot tests
  • Full commercialization with fit-for-purpose polymers and deployment methods
  • Polymer hydration unit construction and commissioning, and SecureFlow automated coil boxes when required
  • Pre-treatment of conformance control challenges using our cross-linked gel (BrineBlock) or our Preformed Particle Gel (PPG) technology
With geographic coverage across western Canada, our experienced team can safely and efficiently execute Chemical EOR projects.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals 

Our team works to manage this efficient oil recovery technique to recover bypassed oil and residual oil trapped in the reservoir using these chemicals:

  • PHPA for all types of reservoirs including high salinity conditions
  • Qualification and compatibility testing of surfactants if required
  • Liquid concentrate polymer system (LCP)
  • Treatment of produced polymers

Innovation guides the future of the oil industry. Exploring chemistry to improve oil recovery provides both energy and cost savings to our customers.

Our Labs

Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Equipment

Along with chemicals, we provide EOR equipment services, ensuring all services required for a successful EOR project are available.

Our equipment includes:

  • Polymer Hydration Units - designed specifically for each project and manufactured in North America. We supply all types of hydration units including mobile hydration units for pilot tests or small projects, to large scale hydration units for entire fields.
  • Automated Coil Boxes - SECUREFlow is a patent pending automated low shear flow controller designed to eliminate all manual interventions where individual well flow rates are required from a common source line. This flow controller is designed and programmed to maintain your set desired flow rate into each well, regardless of well injection pressure or upstream supply pressure. These are extremely effective in polymer flooding applications where conventional mechanical chokes cannot be used and injection pressure profiles are more dynamic than water flooding. The controller can function as a stand alone unit utilizing the local PLC to set and control the injection rates or it can be linked to your central MCC where target rates can be adjusted remotely.