Fluids & Solids Equipment

SECURE Energy Services offers an extensive suite of solids control equipment to help remove unwanted drilled solid particles from fluid systems.

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  • Centrifuges

    Centrifuges provide effective separation of solids from all types of drilling fluids, resulting in higher rates of penetration, increased drilling fluid life, reduced formation damage and lower drilling fluid and waste disposal costs.
  • Target Tank

    The primary purpose of the Target Tank is to store oil-based drilling fluids on well sites during drilling operations. The Target Tank™ can also be utilized for other applications where dual containment is required, such as frac jobs or production workovers. SECURE energy services currently has a fleet of over 360 Target Tanks available in Western Canada.
  • Bead Recovery Unit

    Bead Recovery Units recover and reuse drilling beads during drilling operations. This recycling process allows for 90 to 98% of the LubriGlide™ beads to be recovered and reintroduced into the drilling fluid, eliminating the need for new product. The Bead Recovery Unit increases drilling efficiency by reducing torque, drag and increasing ROP. These units are equally effective in all mud systems including oil-based, water-based and silicate muds.
  • Dewatering Systems

    SECURE energy services supplies complete dewatering systems that can remove solids and return reusable water for drilling. Dewatering equipment is put in place to incorporate a closed loop system and follows the separation process after shale shakers. The dewatering process can remove colloidal particles down to almost-clear fluid by using the correct chemicals and a centrifuge that can generate proper G-force. Water-based mud systems can easily be dewatered.
  • Tanks

    SECURE Energy Services' suite of tanks includes premix tanks and horizontal invert storage tanks. Mixing tanks provide drilling fluid storage and mixing capabilities for drilling operations. The Horizontal Storage Tank System is a value-added storage and reserve system. The storage tanks are double-walled with secondary containment that provides overflow protection. This feature eliminates fluid spilling onto the ground, allowing it to be recovered through the drain lines installed between the outer and inner walls.
  • Shale Bins

    We provide two different types of shale bins designed for drilling fluid solids containment. High-sided shale bins are useful for mixing sawdust, fly ash or any type of stabilization amendments with the drilling fluid solids for stabilization applications. Low-sided shale bins are used for mixing sawdust or fly ash with drilling fluid solids for oil-based applications.
  • Hydraulic Centrifuge Stand

    Our Hydraulic Centrifuge Stands are self-contained, eliminating the need for a picker or crane for rig-up. The self-raising hydraulic centrifuge stand is a single load on rig moves.
  • Polymer Injection Tank

    A polymer injection tank is primarily used in dewatering applications, but can also be useful in other applications where mixing and/or hydrating chemicals is required. The tank is designed to reduce the amount of polymer required in drilling applications when compared to a standard chemical barrel. The polymer injection tank is skid-mounted and equipped with lifting lugs for safe and easy handling. The package comes as a two-compartment tank system, with each tank containing a 3-hp mixing agitator.
  • Lubricant Injection Trailer

    Lubricant injection trailers allow you to inject any liquid product directly into an active, circulating drilling fluid system. The heated, enclosed trailers house two pumps, ample space for the liquid drilling fluid products and a single discharge line on every pump that feeds directly into the tanks. Encapsulated and explosion-proof electronics, a rigid housing, and a stroke bracket all ensure precise, repeatable performance.
  • Central Processing Site

    To effectively strip the solids from a drilling fluids system, SECURE energy services can establish a central processing site. The purpose of the site is to handle and process “spent” drilling fluids back to floc water, removing the solids and recycling the water back to the drilling operation.
  • Ancillary Equipment

    SECURE energy services carries the following ancillary equipment to support the drilling process.
  • Bulk Barite Unit

    SECURE Energy Services’ bulk barite unit is a portable system that is ideally suited for weighting up drilling fluid systems at any drilling site. The bulk barite system is unique to the WCSB as it can handle bulk barite via pneumatic trailers using silos for storage or bulk via totes. The system is skid mounted and fits on one truck load, including bulk totes of barite.

    The bulk barite system includes but is not limited to:

  • Drill Cutting Auger Tank

    SECURE Energy Services has designed and is completing commercial field trials of a patent pending tank system to collect raw cuttings at the well site during drilling. The unit is available to any operators that want to explore this waste handling option.