The SECURE Drayton Valley oil-based mud blending and storage facility offers customized blending of oil-based muds and includes capacity to provide bulk fluid storage. The yard in Drayton Valley is located at one of our Full Service Terminals, which provides it with a WM approval base on Directive 55, allowing used oil-based muds to be stored and recycled at the facility. We are capable of storing used products with a flashpoint greater than 34° Celsius at this facility. 

This facility includes the custom blending of InverMAX, SECURE’s proprietary invert. The facility is able to obtain ideal blending results using a Vortex Hopper and 6” x 5” x 14” Mission Magnum Shear pump. Aside from the hopper and the pump, the facility is equipped with Vortex Radial Eductors in the mix tank and storage tanks to ensure the fluid is sheared at all levels of production.

Additonally, the on site mud lab allows SECURE to provide QA/QC immediately after mixing and prior to loading to ensure only high quality drilling fluid is sent to our customers. 

Equipment Storage Capacity

The permanent storage includes: 

11 150m3 tanks

1 80m3 lined brine tanks

1 Mix tank with a 100m3 compartment

13 Load risers 


Shearing and pumping: 

1 6” x 5” x 14” Mission Magnum shear pump 

1 6” x 5” x 11” Mission Magnum circulation pumps 

4 Radial eductors in each tank 

 9 Radial eductors in the 100m3 mix tank compartment


1730mplus Target Tanks

03-05-049-06 W5M
Approval #: 
WM 138
Phone Number: 
877 845 7111
Fax Number: 
866 339 1814
Mailing Address: 
Box 6570, Drayton Valley AB T7A 1R9
Facility Personnel: 

Jason Hicks, Facility Manager: 780 897 4181