SECURE’s Lab and Field testing services provide our customers with access to our substantial collection of testing capabilities, as well as the MudTrac™ real time analysis system. This allows us to give constant performance feedback and optimization options for drilling systems.

 Lab - Our team is dedicated to providing the best and latest in testing, development and support for drilling, completion fluids, production chemicals and environmental services.

Performance Analysis Tools - SECURE is proud to utilize the following to aid in the downhole performance improvement process

  •  MudTrac - A user based, interactive, real time reporting system that leads the industry in API standards, reporting technology, customer driven satisfaction, data compilation, and time management. MudTrac™ dynamically links our customers with our day-to-day drilling fluids’ performance in the wellbore. 
  • Hydraulics - We use in-house proprietary Hydraulics Analysis Tools. Our hydraulic specialists are dedicated to working with our customers to optimize their drilling operations.