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Our qualified team has the equipment, resources and expertise to meet your needs.

From decommissioning through projects construction, our team can provide all aspects of environmental and civil construction. This includes:

  • Sheet piling
  • Watercourse crossing
  • Landfill construction and management
  • Groundwater management and pond construction
  • Road, lease and pad construction
  • Coffer dam construction
  • Aggregate replacement (Cypher)
  • Bentonite slurry wall construction
  • Funnel and gate technology
  • Groundwater recovery trench
  • HDD support
  • Slope stability

Landfill Construction

Operating under the highest standards and collaborating with all stakeholders, we are experienced in constructing and managing landfills. We have experience building landfills in locations across western Canada, with the strictest standards including:

  • Cell construction and expansion
  • Remote sites
  • Liner installation
  • Installation of clay liners, embankment walls, sub-drain, leachate collection piping and geo-synthetic liners

We take into consideration all potential risks including, location, site, air, land and undertake detailed impact assessments. We are a good neighbour and work with all local stakeholders, alleviating oilfield waste transport traffic and providing jobs in these areas.

Groundwater Management and Slurry Walls

We have extensive experience building bentonite slurry cut-off walls to provide cost-effective, long-term solutions for groundwater control and groundwater remediation problems. We construct slurry walls as per design and site specifications. We can also build custom integrated solutions for our customers. 

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