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Helping our customers with all aspects of their environmental projects, from route selection and siting to final reclamation certificate application.

We have a team dedicated to help our customers find new and innovative ways to manage their environmental risk assessment and planning. 

Risk Assessment

We start with a detailed environmental risk assessment (ERA) approach and consider:

  • Regulatory closure
  • Cost-savings
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Human disruption  

Our experience has shown that remediation following an ERA process is typically much smaller in scope than other conventional assessment approaches and can be completed at a substantially lower cost. We are a leader in risk-based approaches in western Canada and actively advocate for the growth and acceptance of ERA by working closely with provincial regulators.

Some of the ERAs we've completed for various types of sites, include:

  • Oil and gas (wellsites, pipelines, upstream and downstream facilities)
  • Current and proposed industrial facilities
  • Commercial or residential properties
  • Mine sites and spills

We care about our customer's individual needs. Depending on the site-specific risk assessment conditions and project needs, we utilize three levels of ERA (with increasing complexity and data requirements):

  • Professional Judgement – qualitative
  • Screening Level Risk Assessment– semi-quantitative
  • Site-Specific Risk Assessment – quantitative

It should be noted that closure of regulatory liability through a risk-based approach provides the same level of human health and ecological protection as closure using generic standards/guidelines developed by regulatory bodies. Both approaches result in the same regulatory instrument (for example, certificate of restoration or reclamation certificate).


We promote and believe in corporate responsibility and regulatory compliance. Ensuring current compliance and keeping on top of regulatory trends helps to avoid unnecessary delays or excess project costs for our customers. Our diverse team of professionals include:

  • Wildlife biologists
  • Wetland fisheries scientists
  • Hydrologists
  • Vegetation and soil specialists
  • Geoscientists

Our professionals aid in planning for any scale of project, and provide practical solutions to site selection pre-development and monitoring. 

  • Technical writing 
  • Wildlife sweeps
  • Compliance audits 
  • Waterbody assessment
  • Environmental planning
  • Soil and vegetation assessment
  • GIS mapping 

Balancing the complex natural environment human interaction is our focus. We are actively looking for win-win situations for society and the environment.

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