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We believe that everyone should go home safe.

At SECURE, being safe, protecting the environment, and being a good neighbour in the communities where we live and work is important. Our commitment starts with every single person going home safe. We are driving towards a leading-edge safety program, Level 5 Safety. We are guided by our Health and Safety policy (PDF) and our 8 Life Saving Rules.

We have priorities that establish our safety culture and the goal for everyone to Go Home Safe:

  • Engagement at all levels
    • Truly listening to understand and receive feedback to make positive proactive changes
    • Involve others in decisions that impact them
  • Situational Awareness
    • Understanding the task, being aware of your surroundings and recognizing changes
    • Stop-Think-Plan-Act
  • Personal ownership and Accountability
    • To make changes where and when necessary
    • Own the outcome, not just the task
    • We are all accountable for creating a safety culture
    • We take responsibility for what we do and don't do

Safety is foundational to our business. It starts with personal safety awareness and leadership that results in overall improved health and safety performance. Safety isn't just something we do, it's rooted in our culture. Some of the programs that guide SECURE's safety program include:

  • Proactive Efforts
    • Hazard Identification
    • Near Miss Reporting - Serious Injury or Fatality Potential (SIF(P)) reporting
  • Behavioural observations
  • Emergency Preparedness
    • Emergency Response Plans
    • Security risk assessments
  • Training and Competency
    • Full level 1 and 2 Orientation
    • Comprehensive competency program for all positions
  • Operational Safety
    • Safe digging
    • Well management
    • Pipeline Safety
  • Safety Data Sheets
Being safe starts with personal safety. We believe safety is not something that ends when we finish work; it’s 24/7. Personal safety involves all of our employees, contractors and vendors. Everyone goes home safe.
24 HR Line

Level 5 Safety

We are guided by our policies and procedures but act on our choices. Our culture is built on Level 5 Safety. This guides our shared values of working safely and is measured by steps demonstrating these values.

 Level 5 Safety in plain language:

  • Level 1 – Because I have to
  • Level 2 – I do things safe after we have an incident
  • Level 3 – I use tools that build our program
  • Level 4 – I see something, I say something
  • Level 5 – I do things safe, even when I don't have to

We perform behaviour based, leadership training and use the key performance indicators (KPI) model of tracking and controlling all incidents, including near-miss reporting. We knowledge share safe practices at all levels, encouraging everyone to remember why they work safely.

Life Saving Rules


We are guided by and abide by our 8 Life Saving Rules (8 LSRs). The 8 LSRs ensure that all employees, contractors and partners Go Home Safe. We all work towards one common set of rules that help us eliminate significant incidents associated with our most frequent high-risk work activities. ALL employees, contractors and partners are accountable to follow the 8 LSRs and have the right to refuse and stop work where they are not being followed or when the work is unsafe.
  • Drive Safely - Wear seatbelts, obey speed limits, only use hands-free devices and follow journey management where the risks require.
  • Have a Safe Work Permit - Work with a valid work permit when required.
  • Isolate Energy Sources - Verify isolation of energy sources before work begins.
  • Control Entry to Confined Spaces - Obtain authorization before entering any confined or restricted space.
  • Manage Ground Disturbances - Obtain authorization before starting ground disturbance or excavation activities.
  • Work Safely at Heights - Position yourself against a fall when working at heights (greater than 1.8m).
  • Avoid the Line of Fire - Protect yourself in a safe zone in relation to moving equipment and energized sources.
  • Manage Exposure to Hazardous Substances and Mixtures - Protect yourself against the exposure to hazardous substances and mixtures using the hierarchy of hazard control.

Emergency Preparedness

24 Hour Emergency line - 1-877-518-4321

Training and Competency

  • Full level 1 and 2 Orientation
  • Comprehensive competency program for all positions

Operational Safety

  • Operational Safety
    • Safe Digging
    • Well Management
    • Pipeline Safety

Safety Data Sheets

Please find all SDS sheets here.