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When it comes to water transfer, SECURE has you covered for any field operation.

SECURE's Integrated Fluid Services (IFS) comes with an experienced management team that has been successfully performing jobs since 2009. In the upfront planning of the jobs, SECURE spends extensive time looking at pump curves, elevations, flow rates, and line size to come up with the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet any of our customers needs.

We provide our clients with the following: 

  • Water sourcing (TDL’s, TFA’s and regulatory reporting)
  • Water storage, Frac Ponds (C Rings) 3,000 m3, 4,400 m3 and 6,400 m3
  • Water transfer and logistics – temporary pipelines, pumps, pump automation and personnel
  • Engineered pump designs
  • Pipeline diversions
  • Dewatering applications and filtering
  • Dedicated Safety personnel
  • Large capacity heating units

Whether its fracing, water storage, water transfer or water diversions, a crucial water management practice becomes an integral part of your success. Our experience will ensure a safe, efficient, cost effective and reliable solution.

Customized Solutions