SECURE Energy Services is committed to having the highest standards of integrity and accountability in all aspects of its business. SECURE has established a whistleblower policy and procedures for the confidential and anonymous submission by employees of complaints or concerns regarding financial statement disclosures, accounting, internal controls, fraud, auditing matters or other activities which may violate the Corporation's Code of Business Conduct. External third parties may also submit complaints relating to similar matters. The financial and operational information respecting the Corporation guides the decisions of the board of directors of the Corporation and is relied upon by shareholders of the Corporation and the financial markets. For these reasons, it is critical for the Corporation to maintain a workplace where concerns regarding questionable business practices can be raised without fear of any discrimination, retaliation or harassment. As such, any person has the right to contact the Chairman of the Audit Committee directly to report suspected illegal or improper activities of SECURE, if it is believed that reporting the incident through normal channels would not be acted upon. Any concerns should be submitted by one of the following methods:

By Telephone: 844-201-9811

Report Online: Direct link to Report