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Our labs are the hub for best-in-class research and development, troubleshooting, customer demonstrations and product development.

We make sure our talented lab teams are continuously learning, staying on top of the technological advances in the oil and gas industry. Rigorous attention to detail by our teams allows for innovative products and solutions to be transferred from lab testing to field application.

All of our lab services are based in Canada, making for quick response time and ongoing support for projects

We are poised to help our customers by providing a full technical library, access to state-of-the-art technical databases and  cutting-edge, cost effective technical support for all field operations. Our teams conduct research and support our drilling, completions fluids, production chemicals and environmental services, allowing our customers to enjoy a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Calgary Lab

The Calgary laboratory facility provides testing and tailored research and product development for drilling fluids, completion fluids and chemical enhanced oil recovery support.

Capabilities of our Calgary lab include:

  • Drilling Fluids Product Testing
    • Anti-accretion analysis
    • Sand cell tests
    • Elastomer compatibility testing
    • Barite SAG shoe analysis
  • Completion Fluids
    • Basic Solids and Water
    • Bacteria Testing
    • Acid Solubility
    • Acid Compatibility Testing
    • Crosslink Gel Optimization (break-test, stability)
    • Linear Gel Testing (hydration, break-test)
    • HVFR Optimization
    • Fracturing Fluid Compatibility Testing
    • Viscoelastic Modeling (G’, G”)
    • Clay Control Testing (CST, shale disintegration, bentonite swelling)
    • Surfactant Testing (drop shape, contact angle)
    • Surfactant Optimization (column drainage testing)
    • Lubricity Measurements
    • Mud Spacer Removal Testing
    • Particle Size Distribution
  • Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Testing
    • Fluid analysis
    • Polymer Loading Curves (viscosity vs concentration / temperature / shear rate)
    • Static and Dynamic adsorption
    • Polymer Concentration
    • Viscoelastic Measurements (Weissenberg number, relaxation time)
    • Intrinsic Viscosity Viscosity Average Molecular Weight
    • Fluid saturations
    • Rheology measurements for polymers and surfactants including viscosity loading curves, intrinsic viscosity, viscosity average molecular weight, IFT, compatibility
    • QA/QC analysis to support existing projects including Filter Ratio (FR), Modified Filter Ratio (MFR), Screen Factor (SF)
    • Resistance Factor and Residual Resistance Factor
    • Sand pack/core floods to qualify various polymers under reservoir conditions
  • Maintenance
    • The laboratory is also responsible for the maintenance and calibration of field test equipment and the development of Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Training
    • We offer a wide range of technical training programs for both internal staff and customers. These training programs typically include both theoretical and practical (laboratory based) sections.

Customers can count on extensive technical experience with our team using state-of-the-art analytical equipment, ensuring high-quality data collection and interpretation. In addition, we have strong relationships with external facilities (both industrial and academic) ensuring rapid access to a wide range of analytical techniques and test instrumentation.

We are compliant with all API testing procedures where required and ensure QA/QC parameters are met. 

Our chemists and lab teams are always proactively working on research and development of new products for all kinds of drilling fluids, completion fluids and Chemical EOR products and systems.

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Edmonton Lab

Our Edmonton laboratory and technical support centre has long been a staple in Canadian development and testing of production chemistries and completion fluids. With the right chemists, equipment and connections, we work in conjunction with your needs to produce customized, safe, and effective solutions.

Key features of the Edmonton lab include:

  • Designed and certified for sour service, capable of performance testing in sour and/or sweet conditions.
  • Services and testing done in house, making for quick response time backed by local expertise.

Routine analyses, product development, product selection, application and trouble shooting expertise, and more are all within the Edmonton Lab's capabilities.

Capabilities at our Edmonton Lab include:

  • Corrosion inhibitor screening and evaluation:
    • Low to high pressure/temperature, sweet and/or sour autoclave testing
    • Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) testing
    • Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) bubble testing
    • Acid corrosion inhibitor testing
  • Paraffin and Asphaltene inhibition:
    • Viscometers
    • Cold finger
    • Turbiscan technologies (most testing can be done under pressure to mimic system conditions)  
  • Hydrocarbon characterization:
    • BS and W’s
    • Viscosity and API gravity
    • Flash point
    • Freeze point / Pour point testing
    • Cloud Point (Viscosity measurement)
  • Scale inhibition and remediation testing using high pressure/high temperature flow loops 
  • H2S scavenger uptake testing 
  • Sulphur Solvent uptake by Rotovap and weight loss 
  • Solids analysis - Wet, XRD, XRF 
  • Hydrate testing under sweet and sour conditions using autoclaves
  • Drilling and fracturing fluid evaluation, viscosity and breakdown using pressurized viscometers
  • Friction Flow Loop
    • Optimize product(s) for specific water sources/blends
    • High Brine FR testing
    • HVFR testing