Composite and Non-Metallic Pipeline Construction

Composite and non-metallic pipelines offer a compelling value statement to pipeline operators:

  • Fast, inexpensive installation
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Improved flow characteristics
  • Well suited to low impact pipelining (HDD, plowing, and narrow trenching)

These products show themselves to be durable and reliable. They are extensively tested and it is easily demonstrable that the products can outperform traditional steel in the appropriate application. Composite and Non-Metallic materials are an important part of the future for the critical pipelining aspect of the O&G industry.

Composite and Non-metallic pipeline materials now represent approximately 30% of the sub NPS10 pipeline market. Traditional contractors are focused on traditional steel application; they have equipment and processes modeled to support  steel installations, workforces built with steel installation in mind, and limited composite experience.

“As seen on the pipeline failure data… installation damage is a leading cause of pipeline failure. Therefore, the installation techniques for reinforced composite pipelines, as well as consideration of the differences in the type of pipe being used, are critical for success.”

– CAPP Best Management Practice: Use of Reinforced Composite Pipe (Non-Metallic Pipelines) April 2017

Producers and pipeline operators have had difficulty realizing the benefits of composite pipelines due to lack of specialized contractors.  SECURE is addressing this critical gap in the market with an ISO certified pipelining division dedicated solely to the composite and Non-Metallic segment. This dedicated group is appropriately equipped, with the right kind and sizing of equipment to handle these light products in a cost-effective manner. Our employees are trained through a broad competency program to insure installation to manufacturer’s best practices and addresses common failure modes from construction.

SECURE is innovating the Pipeline Services space by using an ISO 9001:2008 management system to align our offerings to customer requirements, complete our work efficiently and accurately, and continually raise the bar within the Pipeline Services we offer.