Free Standing Liner Pulls

SECURE Energy Services’ Free Standing Liner service provides customers with a cost-effective pipelining method with minimal environmental impact. In this process, a failed or failing pipeline is remediated by pulling a new, non-metallic pipeline through. The old pipeline then becomes a conduit for the new pipeline.

SECURE’s employees are well equipped to pull pipe distances greater than a kilometer with only 3m by 15m bellholes at each end. Our efficiencies allow multiple pulls per day to happen regularly. This process does not require a new pipeline license and the work can often be completed within the existing right of way, thus the installation and land acquistion costs are far lower than new open ditch construction. Abandoned pipelines can be acquired soley for this purpose; a low cost option for building a new gathering system. 

To ensure the completion of a successful liner project, SECURE’s highly skilled personnel will work through the entire planning process with each and every client.

SECURE’s full turnkey approach to Free Standing Liner installation provides all the services required to put the new pipeline into service. This includes:

  • Host line preparation and cleaning
  • Digging of Bell Holes
  • Pulling of Free Standing Liner
  • Connections for non-metallic materials
  • Pressure testing
  • Surface piping modification and fabrication

Our industry leading Pull Force Management System ensures that the new Free Standing Liner has not exceeded manufacturer recommendations. A complete Quality Control package includes logging of each pull, inspection and location of all fittings, and full documentation of all associated civil and mechanical work.

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