Geohazard Mitigation

SECURE Energy Services is a leader in innovative solutions for the mitigation of geohazard threats.  Protecting our ecosystems and pipelines are important for maintaining an oil and gas company’s reputation.  SECURE provides the following services for geohazard mitigation:

  • Pipeline excavation
  • Installation of strain monitoring equipment such as fibre optic lines
  • Installation of Foam breakers and sub-surface drains for ground water control
  • Installation of matting for erosion prevention and soil stabilization
  • Construction of temporary or surface pipelines
  • Sheet Piling Installation
  • Installation of Rip Rap
  • River/Creek diversion and dewatering
  • Installation of armour flex matting
  • Installation of Aqua dams
  • Installation of various habitat enhancement features
  • Revegetation

 SECURE adheres to strict environmental principles and high standards of safety when working around water bodies.