Pipeline Abandonment

In Alberta as well as other areas of Canada, regulations stipulate that pipelines that have been inactive for 12 or more months must be discontinued or abandoned. 

SECURE Energy Services is highly experienced in Pipeline Abandonment Service.  SECURE has the right equipment and personnel to complete abandonment projects in any season.  Pipeline Abandonment Services includes:

  • Pipeline locating
  • Removal of above ground facilities
  • Pipeline exposure (Excavation)
  • Pigging
  • Pipeline cutting
  • Capping of pipelines
  • Welding
  • Pipeline removal
  • Riser removal
  • Installation of new pipeline segments, if required
  • Remote access equipment

Once projects are completed, a detailed final report is provided for future regulatory compliance or possible audits.

SECURE is also highly skilled in Abandoning Wells and supplying Chemical Inhibitors and other pipeline solutions for the full-service abandonments.