Pipeline Integrity

SECURE Energy Services understands the critical nature of pipeline integrity, as these assets deliver the energy that fuels our homes, transportation and everyday lives. Recognizing the industry need to manage assets, protect the environment and execute projects safely and on schedule, SECURE offers comprehensive pipeline integrity management services.

SECURE’s full circle pipeline integrity services include operation, inspection, maintenance, HSE and corporate communications. This all-encompassing management system ensures our client’s assets are fulfilling their delivery obligations, operating efficiently and mitigating the risks associated with incidents affecting the public, the environment or the client’s reputation. By taking a proactive approach we help our clients prevent pipeline failures that would result in downtime and other adverse effects.

Our inspection tools provide detection of internal and external changes such as corrosion, imperfections, dents, cracks or wall thinning that could threaten the integrity of the pipeline. Our integrity excavation services help clients to safely excavate and inspect areas of potential concern along their pipelines. SECURE offers a complete integrated integrity excavation service including locating, excavating, hand exposing, coating removal, sandblasting, inspection, recoating and backfill. SECURE has experience with various repair and replacement services including cut-outs, sleeve installation, sleeve repairs and pipeline lowering. We understand the potential risks with these tasks and have procedures identified to minimize the risk to employee safety and the environment.

We operate multiple sandblasting units allowing scheduling flexibility. Once a pipeline has been sandblasted and properly inspected, we can recoat the pipeline depending on the client’s specific requirements.