Information is constantly, and consistently, gathered using SECURE Energy Services proprietary drilling fluid reporting database, MudTrac™.

A user based, interactive, real time reporting system that leads the industry in API standards, reporting technology, customer driven satisfaction, data compilation, and time management. MudTrac™ is driven with constant upgrading to the latest and most advanced technology available through a team of dedicated I.T. individuals. An undisputed champion among its peers, the functionality and performance make our Operators, Consultants, Engineers, Technicians, and Customers alike appreciate the ease and accuracy of its use in day to day operations.

MudTrac™ dynamically links our customers with our day-to-day drilling fluids’ performance in the wellbore. Our field service representatives compile all the necessary data from their testing, to ensure our fluids are performing ideally throughout the drilling process. MudTrac™ enables the Operator to have his field service representative expand the network to include performance advice, suggestions and a wealth of experience from all of the connected departments in SECURE.

MudTrac™ also provides the operator with all reporting documents required at the field level including access, for both for the Operator and field representative, to drilling fluids programs such as:

  • Daily Mud reports
  • Reconciliation and / or Adjustment Costs (between books)
  • Inventory reports
  • All Delivery and Credit Ticket documents immediately printed
  • Anytime Daily usages and product costs
  • End of well recap
  • Drilling fluid engineering costs
  • History of activity, well summary, cost breakdown by date (by padwork, hole section or any other parameter the operator requires)

The program can also track 3rd party costs such as trucking, if required by the operator. This software has the ability to increaseefficiencies with end of well recaps while allowing the field technicians to chart various graphs and summaries during the course of a well to present to your well site supervisor.  The software will sync to our secure server every time our field technician connects to the internet, uploading everything that has gone on from a SECURE perspective to that point in the well.  Once uploaded, our experienced senior staff can more thoroughly advise and troubleshoot if necessary. The information can also be made available to the customer at any time to discuss further needs on the well.