Oil Based Mud Blending Facility

As one of the largest suppliers of oil-based mud in Western Canada, SECURE’s Drilling and Production Services division has been guaranteed a large volume supply of base oil from suppliers. SECURE purchases over 100,000 m3 of base oil on an annual basis in Canada, which in turn is supplied out of our three Canadian facilities.  With this accessibility to large amounts of base oil and with the overall fluid management process, SECURE has become a major resource for operators to satisfy their base oil needs. Our three Oil-Based Mud Blending Facilities are located in strategic locations in the centre of oil and gas development: Grande Prairie, Drayton Valley, and Fox Creek, Alberta.

All of these facilities are capable of building and reconditioning invert fluid. Each facility has an oil based mud testing laboratory that is used for Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing, including flash point testing.

The AER recently released Bulletin 2013-02 that governs used invert. This bulletin refers to used invert as an oilfield waste and must be sent to a facility that is regulated with a Waste Management license. Two of SECUREs’ facilities are compliant with this bulletin, Drayton Valley and Fox Creek. The Drayton Valley facility is currently under the SECURE Drayton Valley FST license and the Fox Creek facility has a Waste Management license. 

Facility Capacities

LocationOBMBrine2013 Output
Grande Prairie, Alberta


(10,690 bbls)

79 m³

(500 bbls)


(70,690 bbls)

Drayton Valley, Alberta


(9,685 bbls)

79 m³

(500 bbls)


(154,940 bbls)

Fox Creek, Alberta

2070 m³

(13,000 bbls)

159 m³

(1000 bbls)