The SECURE Lethbridge minerals processing facility has been providing industrial minerals to North America since 1946. This facility can meet a variety of needs for our customers. We have the capability to grind, toll grind, package and repackage products, as well as produce products in bulk, sacks and totes depending on customer needs. We also recently added a dry product minerals facility, equipping SECURE Lethbridge with even more flexibility in processing additional minerals and products.

This plant features Barite, Gypsum, Zeolites, Walnut, Limestone as well as a variety of other mineral products.

Please see below for a brief description of our available minerals. 


Barite, primarily Barium Sulphate, is a widely available mineral and commonly used weighting material used as a drilling mud additive.


Sparton® barite is tested using the API 13A standard with a specific gravity of 4.1. 
Sparton® SDS 

Gypsum is used as the source of calcium in clear-water drilling and in other inhibitive mud systems.


Gypsum can also be added as a contaminant (in low concentrations) to bentonite-based mud systems or as a source of calcium for mud systems that are over treated with Soda Ash.


Gypsum is also used in Agriculture as a moderately soluble source of the essential plant nutrients, calcium and sulfur, and can improve overall plant growth
Gypsum SDS

Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite comprising a microporous arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra.  Zeolites are know for their ion exchange properties having a strong exchange affinity for ammonium.


PZM has been used in cementing applications, as a feed additive (binding agent) as well as for odour control.



Chabozite is a rarely occurring zeolite that is know for its light weight, high surface area and high cation exchange capacity.


SCM-710 is a zeolite that has been used in cementing applications as an additive.   


For more information on this facility and supply of the minerals, please contact:

Secure Lethbridge order desk by phone at 1(403) 327-5688 or by Email

Address: 3403 - 6th Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 1G6