SECURE is able to provide its customers a guaranteed consistent supply of high quality barite through SECURE Minerals, the only barite processing plant in Alberta. We are one of the only drilling fluids company that is vertically integrated from mine site through to customers in Canada. In operation since 1946, this dedicated multi-mineral processing and packaging facility located in Lethbridge, Alberta services the energy industry in Western Canada.

SECURE's Barite Features

  • Sparton® is SECURE’s proprietary name for its barite
  • Reliant product with consistent compliance with API standards
  • Experience and history manufacturing and producing drilling grade barite
  • Intrinsically involved supplying barite for drilling fluids in North America for over 70 years
  • Robust supply chain with many international suppliers

Quality Assurance 

SECURE’s quality assurance protocols and finished product standards comply with API standards. SECURE provides API compliant barite with a history of consistently low silica content.


SECURE can manufacture and produce barite in any type of packaging required including bulk, paper sack and super sack: 

  • 40 kg multi-wall paper bags

          -There are 42 x 40 kg bags (1,680 kg or 3,703 lbs) per pallet

          -Pallet dimensions are 42”x42” two way

  • Super sacks (1,500 kg or 3,306 lbs) to optimize trucking loads


Bariteused in drilling fluids for the oil and gas industrySparton® SDS 


For more information on this facility and supply of the minerals, please contact:

  • 1 403 327 5688
  • Email
  • 3403 - 6th Avenue South, Lethbridge Alberta Canada T1J 1G6