The unique properties of coal make conventional drilling practices and fluids suboptimal for productivity. The purpose of the CoalFloc system design is to remove the coal fines from the produced water, allowing a particle-free brine system to enter the coal system. The Coalfloc design uses both chemical and mechanical methods to provide a cost-effective fluid cleaning process to maximize the coals’ productivity.
Foam Underbalanced
Underbalanced drilling is a technique used in formations that are prone to severe losses or susceptible to formation damage when using conventional drilling fluids. An underbalanced situation occurs when the hydrostatic head of the drilling fluid is intentionally designed to be less than the pressure of the formation being drilled. If a poor foam fluid is used or not maintained, the potential for slugging (foam to fluid) can occur, causing damage as the wellbore fluid is overbalanced and the fluid can then flow into the formation. Foam systems are underbalanced and allow reservoir fluids such as oil or water to enter the system. This can cause problems as the typical foam systems are not resilient in the presence of these liquids and consequently, crash foam leading to slugging and an overbalanced situation. Our underbalanced foam system has been designed to tolerate these contaminates and minimize the potential for slugging, which prevents possible formation damage.
As the preservation of the environment becomes more prevalent, oil-based mud systems are proving to be more expensive and damaging to use. Because of the ever-changing requirements of our customers, we have developed a water-based fluid system that will match the performance of an invert-based mud. The Glybond system is an environmentally and worker-friendly fluid system that provides wellbore stability, additional lubricity, optimal ROP, as well as cost effectiveness. The system caters to the individual requirements of each area and can be tailored to the downhole conditions for optimal drilling performance. The key additive is a glycol-based product, SECURE EAF-7, which is tailored to the downhole conditions of the target area.