Through testing and trial, SECURE selects the best chemistry for each specific application. The required concentration is then optimized to meet a balance between maximum performance and economic benefit. As a result, customers are provided with customized, reliable product performance and cost savings through competitive pricing and reduced product consumption. SECURE’s range of water treatment chemistries create reliable results which leads to a reduction in water treatment costs.

Water Treatment Services & Contacts

LocationFacility DetailsContact Details
Calgary, ABHead Office

Thomas Owens, Technical Manager: 587 390 2498

Calgary, ABHead Office

Dave Pearson, Sales: 403 984 6104,2808

Calgary, ABHead Office

Leanne Webb, Sales and Operations: 587 390 8060

  • Products

    SECURE provides chemistry for treating produced and recycled water for various oilfield applications. These products help minimize the treatment costs associated with produced and recycled water needs. Applications include water treatment for enhanced oil recovery, steam injection and frack water management. SECURE has products that are effective for treating lime sludge, slop oil and sludge.