Water Treatment Products

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Thomas Owens, Technical Manager, Completion Fluids DPS-Production Chemicals



SECURE provides chemistry for treating produced and recycled water for various oilfield applications. These products help minimize the treatment costs associated with produced and recycled water needs. Applications include water treatment for enhanced oil recovery, steam injection and frack water management. SECURE has products that are effective for treating lime sludge, slop oil and sludge. The successful treatment of waste oil leads to increased operational efficiency, decreased disposal costs and generates revenue from the resulting marketable oil while reducing environmental liabilities.

SECURE has a selection of anionic, cationic and non-ionic flocculants of varying charge and molecular weight distributions and coagulants for drilling fluid applications. Flocculants are used in clearwater drilling and water clarification in closed systems. SECURE’s flocculants are very effective at water clarification and solids removal when used in conjunction with a centrifuge unit.