SECURE Energy Services has the capability to complete all aspects of environmental design and construction from landfill construction, leachate collection system installation, pond construction, liner installation and bentonite slurry wall construction. Our experience includes installing several types of liner, including HDPE, PVC and RPE.

We have experience constructing landfills to the highest level of certification such as Alberta Class I landfills in locations across Western Canada, including remote locations. Our expertise includes construction of embankment walls, installation of clay liners, sub-drain and leachate collection piping and geo-synthetic liners.

We have extensive experience building bentonite slurry cutoff walls to provide cost-effective, long-term solutions for our clients’ groundwater control and groundwater remediation problems. Slurry walls are advantageous to our clients because they achieve higher production rates as specialized, long reach excavators are used to reach greater depths. Our team has the equipment, resources and expertise needed to construct the slurry walls as per design and site specifications. We are capable of building a custom integrated pond solution to satisfy all project requirements.

Environmental Construction Services Include:

  •  Landfill construction and management
  •  Road, lease and pad construction
  •  Coffer dam construction
  •  Aggregate replacement (Cypher)
  •  Bentonite slurry wall construction 
  •  Funnel and gate technology
  •  Groundwater recovery trench
  •  Sheet piling
  •  HDD support
  •  Watercourse crossing
  •  Slope stability

Sales Contact:

Please contact our sales representative for more information on SECURE's Environmental and Civil Construction services:

Susan Tiffin Manager, Business Development 

587 390 2531