• Waste Processing
  • Fluid Disposal
  • Custom Treating
  • Terminalling

Our Dawson Creek Full Service Terminal offers waste processing, class 1B fluids disposal, and crude oil custom treating and terminalling. Located 13km northeast of Dawson Creek on Rolla Road, it is strategically situated to provide our customers with both industrial and oilfield waste disposal solutions. Dawson Creek’s Class 1B disposal well accepts produced, waste, and flowback fluids. This facility also has a waste processing pad that can accept liquid and solid wastes from Hydro Vac and Vac trucks. For treating and terminalling, the on-site treater vessel is equipped to handle oil-water emulsion and condensate volumes. This facility is pipeline connected to the Pembina Peace System where we terminal oil for our customers. Dawson Creek proudly serves the Pouce Coupe, Groundbirch, Peace River Arch, Doe, Sunrise, and Monias areas.

As responsible corporate neighbours we designed, built and operate this facility with the environment and public health and safety as a top priority:

  • When offloading sour hydrocarbon-based liquid and slurry loads, a closed system is used to prevent fugitive H2S emissions and occupational exposure.
  • Our process vessels and tanks use a state-of-the-art vapor collection and recovery system to prevent fugitive emissions. When new product enters the tank, the blanket gas is displaced and sent through the vapour recovery system.
  • The site has an intermittent, air-assisted natural gas piloted flare at the site. Flaring activities at the site meet the requirements of ERCB Directive 60.

Available Services

Please use the contacts listed below for more detailed information 

General Fluid Disposal

Waste Water Disposal
Produced Water Disposal
Flowback Water Disposal

Treating / Terminalling

Emulsion Treating

Oilfield Waste Disposal

Waste Processing
Drilling Mud Disposal
Vac Truck Water Disposal
Vac Truck Solids Disposal
HydroVac Disposal

Ancillary Services

Truck Flush
Snow Melt
Approval #: 
EMA Permit #103980 Facility Code #7796
Hours of Operation: 
This facility operates 24 hours a day
Phone Number: 
877 612 9119
STARS Registration #: 
In case of emergency call 888 888 4567, site #8923
Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 28 Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4E9

This facility is approximately 13 km northeast of Dawson Creek, B.C., within the Peace River Regional District.

Facility Personnel: 

Area General Manager Rocky Gerlitz 780 357 5634

Manager Matt Kuehl 780 357 5659

Jenn Morin 877 612 9119 x6125
Alanna Fox 877 612 9119 x6129

Area Marketer: 

Haiden Buck  250 719 7824