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  • Fluid Disposal
  • Custom Treating
  • Terminalling

Our Drayton Valley Full Service Terminal (03-05-049-06 W5M) serves our customers in the surrounding Brazeau, Parkland, Leduc, Wetaskiwin and Ponoka Counties; offering efficient waste processing and disposal of oilfield slurries, sludges and drilling fluids/muds.  This facility incorporates best-in-class engineering to efficiently accept and dispose of class 1B fluids, including produced, flowback and waste waters.  The SECURE Drayton Valley FST is equipped with a state of the art metering system, making us a leading provider of custom treating services for crude oil emulsion and condensate. This facility also provides a point of access for our customers through terminalling services to the Drayton Valley pipeline system.  We have applied best-in-class engineering practices throughout the design of the facility to meet the expressed needs and preferences of our customers.

As responsible corporate neighbours we designed, built and operate this facility with the environment and public health and safety as a top priority:

  • When offloading sour hydrocarbon-based liquid and slurry loads, a closed system is used to prevent fugitive H2S emissions and occupational exposure.
  • Our process vessels and tanks use a state-of-the-art vapor collection and recovery system to prevent fugitive emissions. When new product enters the tank, the blanket gas is displaced and sent through the vapour recovery system.
  • The site has an intermittent, air-assisted natural gas piloted flare at the site. Flaring activities at the site meet the requirements of ERCB Directive 60.

Available Services 

Please use the contacts listed below for more detailed information 

General Fluid Disposal

Waste Water Disposal
Produced Water Disposal
Flowback Water Disposal

Treating / Terminalling 

Emulsion Treating
Dry Oil Terminalling

Oilfield Waste Disposal 

Vac Truck Water Disposal
Vac Truck Solids Disposal
Waste - Processing
Drilling Mud Disposal

Ancillary Services 

Truck Flush & Steam
Fresh Water Service
Snow Melt

Approval #: 
Hours of Operation: 
This facility operates 24 hours a day
Phone Number: 
877 845 7111
Fax Number: 
866 339 1814
STARS Registration #: 
In case of emergency call 888 888 4567, site #4736
Mailing Address: 
Box 6570, Drayton Valley, AB, T7A 1R9

2km south on Hwy 22 from the Hwy 22 & 39 junction.

Facility Personnel: 

Area General Manager Richard Carter 403 984 6100 x6244

Manager James Lorincz 877 845 7111 x6252

Mandy Cain 877 845 7111 x6137 
Angie Thompson 877 845 711 x6135

On-call Operator 877 845 7111

Area Marketer: 

Greg Tucker 780 898 1432