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  • Custom Treating

Our Nosehill Full Service Terminal offers class 1b fluids disposal of waste waters, flowback water and produced water, and oil treating. Located at kilometer 69 on the Emerson Creek road, it is strategically situated to provide our customers with disposal options for waste water, produced and flowback fluids. We have applied best-in-class engineering practices throughout the facility to meet the expressed needs and preferences of our customers. As responsible corporate neighbours, we operate this facility with the environment and public health and safety as a top priority. Our Nosehill FST proudly serves the Edson, Rosevear, Ansell, Hanlan Robb, Pine Creek, Sundance, Oldman, Emerson Creek, Carrot Creek, Galloway, and Marlboro areas of Alberta.

Available Services

Please use the contacts listed below for more detailed information 

Sweet Fluid Disposal

Sweet Waste disposal

Sweet Produced Water Disposal

Sweet Flowback Water Disposal

Sweet Emulsion Treating

Sweet Freac Oil Treating

Approval #: 
WM 130
Hours of Operation: 
7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Phone Number: 
587 466 9831
Fax Number: 
888 844 3371
STARS Registration #: 
In case of emergency call 888 888 4567, site #6271
Mailing Address: 
PO Box 6869, Edson, AB T7E 1V2

From the town of Edson, AB, take Highway 16 (Yellowhead/Trans Canada Hwy) west 18.7 km. Turn right at Range Rd. 192. Travel 34.1 km. Our facility is at the corner of Emerson Road and South Swanson Road.

Facility Personnel: 

Area General Manager Rene Besler 780 723 1409

Manager - Aaron Woods 780 817 6237

Cheryl Fahlen 855 306 4882 x6186
Carmen Hughes 855 306 4882 x6038

On-call Operator 780 517 4500

Area Marketer: 

24/7 Central Region Customer Service Line 
780 225 2000

Dave Desjardins 
Corporate 403 984 6698
Rob Pettersen Field 780 712 1683