NORM Management

Our Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Services are tailored to the specific needs of the client, ensuring the NORM management solutions we provide are cost effective, reduce environmental liabilities and meet or exceed regulatory compliance and OH&S requirements. We have several qualified and experienced Radiation Safety Officers (RSO), on staff that are able to provide on-site services such as NORM surveys, sampling, decontamination and NORM awareness training to workers and contractors. SECURE also provides specially designed vacuum boxes which are ideal for the secure containment and safe transportation of NORM liquids and sludges. As subject matter experts, SECURE is actively involved with provincial and state agencies in helping shape regulatory guidance while consulting with clients across North America. 

For our Canadian clients, SECURE accepts NORM at Alberta's only AEP approved Class I landfill.  Located just outside of Drayton Valley, the Pembina Landfill accepts materials with NORM total activity levels up to 70 Bq/g. Our NORM RSO's and trained NORM technicians are on-site at all times, so our customers can feel assured we are the right choice for handling of their NORM wastes and liabilities. We provide all radiological support and have the capability to handle all necessary radiological testing, waste characterization and transport. 

Please view the below for a more comprehensive description of all NORM services. Click the links for an overview of our NORM services or more information on our Pembina Landfill

To start the conversation, please contact our NORM Management team:

Andrew Crocker, Manager, NORM Services & Waste Management 
120, 8832 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, AB T2J 3J1
403 370 7262 OR 24-hour NORM Services Logistics team: 1 844 674 4196


  • Filter Sock Disposal

    Filter socks at saltwater disposals in the oil & gas industry, specifically in the Bakken formation, have been found after use to contain elevated levels of Ra-226, Ra-228, and Pb-210.  These radioactive impacted filter socks are not allowed to be disposed of at subtitle D landfills or at any facility in the State of North Dakota.

    We provide filter sock containment systems to meet the distinct, on-site needs of some of the largest oil field service companies in Canada and the United States.  SECURE Energy Services is unique in that we hold a radioactive materials license, giving us the ability to handle not only filter socks and filter sock disposal but other NORM impacted residuals as well.  Call us today at (303) 353-1979 or (701) 575-7006 for information and a quote on turn-key filter sock solution for your company.

    We have handled every sort of filter media in its various forms and containment systems.  Properly disposing of radioactive impacted filter media is our expertise.  We specialize in surveying, sampling, and disposing of filter media based on the level of radioactivity present.

    We will make sure that your filter media is disposed of at an approved facility and always provide a certificate of disposal.  We work hard to remove liability as far as possible from our clients and provide economical, simple solutions to complicated filter media issues.

  • NORM Decontamination

    SECURE Energy Services operates one of the few licensed decontamination facilities in the United States. Located in Williston, North Dakota, our TENORM Triage Center was designed to provide our customers in the Bakken with complete decontamination services for NORM impacted equipment, tanks and pipelines.

    With more than 50 years combined NORM expertise, our radiation safety officers and certified decontamination technicians take pride in servicing North America’s largest E&P and midstream operators.

    Managing soils, residuals and equipment that have been impacted by technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) can be a significant challenge.  It raises questions such as:

    • How do I decide what equipment can still be used and what should be disposed of?
    • What equipment is safe to use?
    • Where can I dispose of TENORM-impacted material safely and economically?

    Our team has the expertise to effectively diagnose and manage all impacted solids, equipment, piping/tubular and debris. As their environmentally responsible service partner, our customers trust us to minimize their environmental liability while offering cost-effective solutions that meet regulatory requirements.

    We help to determine what equipment can be economically decontaminated and returned to service.  If the equipment is beyond its useful life and significant other repairs are required, we offer the best value in safe disposal solutions.  

    While our current decontamination facility is located in Williston, we offer on-site decontamination solutions for tanks, heater treaters and pigging equipment throughout the United States. We understand the challenges associated with managing multiple vendors, which is why we offer an integrated service approach by tying in multiple service lines to meet your project needs, such as demolition, remediation and reclamation project work at your site.

    From tank cleanouts to management of Pb-210 impacted pigging residuals, SECURE has the expertise, licensing, and resources to complete your project’s requirements.

  • Waste Collection, Transportation, Disposal

    SECURE Energy Services provides expert, economical transport, documenting, tracking and disposal solutions for multiple forms of hazardous and non-hazardous radioactive waste regulated by state and federal agencies. 

    Waste Containment & Management

    •Waste containers of various sizes
    •Assistance in segregating and managing waste to reduce costs
    •Detailed waste reporting and tracking
    •3rd party waste tracking

    Waste containment

    •Engineered and ergonomic waste containers
    •Engineered design meets waste storage regulations including lockable lid to secure the waste


    •Licensed Transporters


    •Approved Licensed facilities

    Frac Pond Liner Disposal Project Sheet
  • NORM Waste Management Training and Consulting

    SECURE's OnSite Services division specializes in NORM management and our experience allows us to be uniquely qualified to provide specialized employee NORM training programs, educating your staff on how to safely manage NORM, reduce radiation exposure and efficiently manage NORM waste streams.  We can also provide dosimeters, air monitoring and complete NORM radiation protection programs for your operations and field staff.

    Training is customized to the needs of our clients.  Typical topics include:

    •NORM Awareness
    •Worker Protection (PPE Requirements)
    •NORM Detection and Instrumentation
    •Safe Work Practices
    •NORM Waste Management

    In addition to our scheduled training programs, SECURE is available to schedule training for your field management and employees.  Our training is tailored to your specific exposures – we can easily survey and sample your various work sites if necessary and provide you with the documentation and technical data to prove that you are managing and delivering appropriate NORM safety training and management procedures.

  • NORM Project Work

    Executing successful waste management projects is central to SECURE Energy Services delivery process.  We have the capacity, capability and experience to successfully execute turnkey service offerings to meet our customers’ needs.

    SECURE's project management and operational approach are differentiated by risk mitigation, budgeting and cost control, HSE focus, and quality management.  SECURE's experienced Radiation Safety Officers and project managers provide continuous communication with clients throughout the duration of the project to help reduce risk, control scope and achieve the project budget and schedule.

    Our NORM site assessments include very efficient and cost effective NORM surveys and sampling programs with clear reporting for management and regulatory compliance purposes. 

    NORM Project Services include:

    •Site Assessments & Remediation
    •Survey’s & Sampling
    •GPS Mapping Technologies
    •Plant turnarounds
    •On site supervision
    •NORM Packaging, transport and end disposal