NORM Decontamination

SECURE Energy Services TENORM Triage Center in Williston, North Dakota

SECURE Energy Services operates one of the few licensed decontamination facilities in the United States. Located in Williston, North Dakota, our TENORM Triage Center was designed to provide our customers in the Bakken with complete decontamination services for NORM impacted equipment, tanks and pipelines.

With more than 50 years combined NORM expertise, our radiation safety officers and certified decontamination technicians take pride in servicing North America’s largest E&P and midstream operators.

Managing soils, residuals and equipment that have been impacted by technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) can be a significant challenge.  It raises questions such as:

  • How do I decide what equipment can still be used and what should be disposed of?
  • What equipment is safe to use?
  • Where can I dispose of TENORM-impacted material safely and economically?

Our team has the expertise to effectively diagnose and manage all impacted solids, equipment, piping/tubular and debris. As their environmentally responsible service partner, our customers trust us to minimize their environmental liability while offering cost-effective solutions that meet regulatory requirements.

We help to determine what equipment can be economically decontaminated and returned to service.  If the equipment is beyond its useful life and significant other repairs are required, we offer the best value in safe disposal solutions.  

While our current decontamination facility is located in Williston, we offer on-site decontamination solutions for tanks, heater treaters and pigging equipment throughout the United States. We understand the challenges associated with managing multiple vendors, which is why we offer an integrated service approach by tying in multiple service lines to meet your project needs, such as demolition, remediation and reclamation project work at your site.

From tank cleanouts to management of Pb-210 impacted pigging residuals, SECURE has the expertise, licensing, and resources to complete your project’s requirements.