NORM Waste Management Training and Consulting

SECURE's OnSite Services division specializes in NORM management and our experience allows us to be uniquely qualified to provide specialized employee NORM training programs, educating your staff on how to safely manage NORM, reduce radiation exposure and efficiently manage NORM waste streams.  We can also provide dosimeters, air monitoring and complete NORM radiation protection programs for your operations and field staff.

Training is customized to the needs of our clients.  Typical topics include:

•NORM Awareness
•Worker Protection (PPE Requirements)
•NORM Detection and Instrumentation
•Safe Work Practices
•NORM Waste Management

In addition to our scheduled training programs, SECURE is available to schedule training for your field management and employees.  Our training is tailored to your specific exposures – we can easily survey and sample your various work sites if necessary and provide you with the documentation and technical data to prove that you are managing and delivering appropriate NORM safety training and management procedures.