Emergency Services

SECURE Energy Services provides a full suite of emergency response services including turnkey response management, initial response services, remediation activities, environmental consulting and assessment services through to final regulatory clean up and disposal. SECURE has an extensive network of equipment, environmental consulting services and owned waste management facilities and capabilities. SECURE has multi-disciplinary experience responding to a wide variety of critical emergency response situations, including rail incidents, lease site releases, pipeline breaks and motor vehicle transportation. We have offices and equipment currently working in, are able to dispatch specialized heavy equipment with trained and competent operators for immediate response and emergency containment to, locations in BC, AB, SK, MB & ON. SECURE also provides administrative support to ensure project status and financial tracking are in place to ensure cost control and to support insurance requirements.

We pride ourselves on our emergency response project management and in-house execution capabilities which include initial response and assessment, site management, spill containment, specialized equipment, environmental consulting, and disposal across Canada. SECURE is a first responder for government agencies, upstream operators, downstream refineries, railroads and transportation companies with operations across Canada. Our ongoing commitment to the environment and our clients has allowed SECURE to develop strong relationships with Alberta Energy Regulator, the BC Ministry of Environment, and the BC Oil & Gas Commission. Our emergency services team can be reach 24/7 at 1 877 518 4321


Service Features:

Spill Containment & Cleanup

  • Petroleum and hazardous materials
  • Pipelines, rail, trucking and industrial
  • Entire response management; no need for costly engagement of environmental consultant or management of multiple vendors
  • Wildlife protection equipment & expertise
  • Containment technologies to mitigate expansion of impacted area
  • Deep experience in designing and executing emergency remediation strategies
  • Hundreds of operational staff in locations from British Columbia to Ontario
  • Vertically integrated with landfill & liquid waste management facilities
  • First Nations and local contractor engagement
  • ICS trained staff

Marine/Watercourse Containment

  • Watercourse and wetland emergency response
  • Petroleum and hazardous materials
  • Wildlife protection equipment & expertise
  • Remote response experience
  • Winter and summer experience
  • Amphibious/tracked equipment response expertise
  • Barrier/boom deployment
  • Sheet pile and containment technologies to mitigate further environmental impact
  • Remediation experience post-containment
  • Hundreds of operational staff in locations from British Columbia to Ontario
  • ICS trained staff

In-house environmental Consulting & Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Site assessments, testing and sampling
  • Wildlife and cultural impact assessments
  • Site and facility audits
  • Waste management plans
  • Regulatory liaison, compliance and documentation
  • First Nations & community engagement

Emergency Response Equipment

  • 100+ pieces of owned and operated heavy equipment
  • Equipment currently workingand available in locations in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON
  • Excavators, loaders, dozers and specialized equipment
  • Size and depth of equipment fleet ensures right equipment for the job
  • Specialized attachments to facilitate work (shears, winches, forks, etc.)
  • 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks
  • Tandem and single axle trailers
  • Chemical, absorption and cleanup materials
  • Watercourse containment booms & barriers
  • Wildlife barriers
  • Amphibious equipment including Rhinos, Marshmasters & Nodwells
  • Shallow water response watercraft & river boats for containment on lakes & rivers
  • Barges and water work platforms
  • ATV's, quads and tracked vehicles
  • Product transfer pumps and hoses
  • Containment and storage
  • Product filtration equipment
  • Portable weirs
  • Hand tools, ropes and safety equipment
  • Pumps, generators and light standards

Hazardous Material (HazMat) Collection/Neutralization/Stabilization

  • Identification and packaging
  • Transportation and disposal
  • Nuclear materials management

Soil Excavation & Waste Disposal/Recovery

  • Full services project management
  • Extensive network of facilities

Emergency Services Number:

1 877 518 4321

Emergency Rail Services

Sales Contact:

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on SECURE's Emergency Services:

Susan Tiffin 
587 390 2531

Jim Rose
403 700 7263