Rycroft Full Service Rail Terminal has the capability to accommodate unit train loading on a ladder track operation. The Full Service Rail Terminal (FSR) transloads heavy and light crude via rail to end users. 

Our facilities are built to the highest environmental standards and are fully compliant with all government regulations. We apply best-in-class engineering practices when designing and building our facilities to ensure that we operate with the environment and public health and safety in mind.

Full Service Rail Terminal (FSRT) Features:

  • Truck offloading utilizes closed systems to prevent fugitive emissions and occupational exposure
  • Terminals with tankage use vapour collection and recovery systems to prevent fugitive emissions and occupational exposure
  • All rail cars are inspected before and after loading to ensure full compliance with current regulations
  • We utilize mobile and fixed loading units for the purpose of loading crude products
  • Best-in-class metering systems to ensure accuracy when loading crude

Facility #F47185

Railway Operating Approval Certificate #03-0387

ERAP #2-1942

Class II Disposal Approval Number

16-13-078-05W6 #12368

03-07-078-04W6 #12334

Approval #: 
Railway Operating Approval Certificate 03-0387
Hours of Operation: 
24 Hours a day
Phone Number: 
855 306 9389
STARS Registration #: 
In case of emergency call 888 888 4567, site #3817

This facility is approximately 5 km southeast from Rycroft, AB on highway 49. Access to the site is 0.8 km south off highway 49 on range road 50.

Facility Personnel: 

Area General Manager Rocky Gerlitz 780 357 5634

Facility Manager Foster Robinson 780 357 5608

Lead Administrator Naomi Smith 780 357 5687
Rhaynel Davidson 780 357 5691

Area Marketer: 

Gary Collins: 780 518 8359

Rail Opprotunities: Sean Culbert 403 984 6684