• Fluid Disposal

Our Rycroft Full Service Terminal is a class 1B fluids disposal, custom treating and rail terminalling facility. Located 5km southeast of Rycroft, Alberta, South off of Highway 49 onto Range Road 50, it is strategically situated to provide our customers with disposal options for produced and flowback fluids. The facility has an oil treater vessel on-site equipped to handle oil-water emulsion and condensate volumes.

Rycroft is also capable of transloading and shipping oil volumes directly from this facility to international markets. We have applied best-in-class engineering practices throughout the facility to meet the expressed needs and preferences of our customers. As responsible corporate neighbours, we operate this facility with the environment and public health and safety as a top priority. Rycroft proudly serves the Peace River Arch, Saddle Hills, Wembley, Pouce Coupe, and Wapiti areas.

See Rycroft Rail Services for more information about crude oil trerminalling and transportation provided at this facility. 

Available Fluid Disposal Services

Please use the contacts listed below for more detailed information 

General Fluid Disposal 

Waste Water Disposal
Produced Water Disposal
Flowback Water Disposal

Approval #: 
WM 175
Hours of Operation: 
24 Hours a day
Phone Number: 
855 306 9389
STARS Registration #: 
In case of emergency call 888 888 4567, site #3817

This facility is approximately 5 km southeast from Rycroft, AB on highway 49. Access to the site is 0.8 km south off highway 49 on range road 50.

Facility Personnel: 

Area General Manager Rocky Gerlitz 780 357 5634

Facility Manager Foster Robinson 780 357 5608

Lead Administrator Naomi Smith 780 357 5687
Rhaynel Davidson 780 357 5691

Area Marketer: 

Gary Collins: 780 518 8359