Engineered oilfield landfills meet your solid waste disposal needs from drill cuttings to remediation work – and anything in between. To ensure safety and environmental responsibility at our sites, each landfill cell has a high-quality, multi-layer liner, liner protection system and environmental monitoring programs. SECURE implements all-weather tipping pads within the landfill cells to ensure safe, stable unloading areas for trucks entering the facility and to minimize tracking of waste that could come in contact with truck tires. 

SECURE strictly enforces landfill acceptance criteria. Class II landfills are approved to accept non-hazardous industrial waste that meets acceptance criteria. The waste generator or waste generator representative is to complete the Secure Application Form (SAF) and fax or email to the appropriate SECURE facility,  along with the representative analytical data from an accredited lab. Ensure the SAF is complete, signed, dated and all supporting analytical documents are included.