SECURE helps our clients with removal and clean up of contaminants from soil, groundwater and sediment for the protection and betterment of the public and environment. We will help assess and recommend best practices and cost effective remediation technologies to mitigate and remove contamination in a timely manner.

SECURE has extensive experience in all aspects of excavation, transportation, treatment and disposal of contaminated soils. Our experienced project managers, site supervisors, safety staff and equipment operators have successfully completed several of these projects. Our expertise includes planning and coordinating with third parties for locating utilities, geotechnical and engineering investigations as well as adhering to regulatory and government standards. SECURE has the capability of handling all remedial aspects of pond projects from sludge removal and remediation, to re-shaping and re-lining ponds. Our ability to integrate environmental construction and remediation projects produce cost savings for our clients, including mobilization, equipment and lead time costs that are incurred when separate contractors are hired for each phase of a pond project. SECURE is capable of building a custom, integrated pond solution to satisfy your project requirements.

Services Include:

  • Soil excavation, treatment, transportation and disposal
  • Flare pit, well site and pipeline integrity remediation
  • Groundwater control and treatment
  • Soil/sludge stabilization and solidification
  • Soil/gravel screening and material segregation
  • Above/underground storage tank remediation

Sales Contact:

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on SECURE's Remediation and Reclamation services:

Susan Tiffin, Manager - Business Development 
587 390 2531