Target Tank

SECURE Energy Services provides a unique cost-saving advantage for fluid storage with our patented Target Tank™, a dual containment fluid storage tank. The primary purpose of the industrial tank is to store oil-based drilling fluids on well sites during drilling operations. The Target Tank™ can also be utilized for other applications where dual containment is required, such as frac jobs or production workovers. SECURE currently has a fleet of over 360 Target Tanks available in Western Canada, with service centres in Grande Prairie, Edson, Rocky Mountain House and Fort St. John.
The Target Tank™ is approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator for on-site oil based fluid storage without a berm. In addition, the Target Tank™ meets the Alberta Energy Regulator storage requirements without the need for a dike when drilling or operating within 100m of a waterbody.

Tank Features

  • Overflow protection
  • Digital gauges with overfill alarms
  • Unique manifold design for better circulation of fluids
  • Double-walled tanks do not require secondary containment berm system
    • 20 HP Pioneer P3 pump transfer fluid at +/- 1.5 m³/minute via 3” plumbing.
  • No picker or pilot cards required
  • No liner purchase
  • No rig matting
  • No access stairs

Equipment Summary

  • 60 m³ Dual Containment Master Tank (stores pump, line crossing and hoses)
  • 75 m³ Dual Containment Fluid Storage Tank
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 m³ Dual Containment Evaporator Tanks
  • 600V TO 480V Transformers
  • Fluid Transfer Pumps
  • Line Crossings
  • Rig matting

Tank Specifications





13.72 m

45.0 ft


3.20 m

10.5 ft


3.35 m

11.0 ft

Dry Weight

16,239 kg

36,000 lbs

Safety Benefits

Reduced Slipping and Tripping Hazards 

  • No bermed area to keep clear of snow or water
  • No hoses on the ground

Reduced Overhead Hazards

  • No overhead crane work
  • No high reaches during cleaning

Reduced Spill Hazard

  • No leaks occur due to plumbing over tank
  • Front drip trays contain minor spills

Superior Lighting

  • 2’ fluorescent lights

Reduced Accident Hazards

  • Less truck activity

Reduced Highway Hazards

  • Drivers and swampers work within allowable hours

Reduced Lifting Hazards

  • Fluid transfer pump is bolted to tank
  • Hoses are positioned at chest level

Logistical Benefits

  • No picker truck required for set-up
  • No pilot truck required (BC)
  • Loads spotted on location in one hour
  • Utilizes tri or quad-fluid hauling trailers
  • Eliminates extra trip to new location to setup berm system and starter tanks
  • Reduces stand-by time for fluid hauling trucks 

Environmental Benefits

  • Smaller footprint for tank farm
  • No requirement for liner disposal
  • Less trucking = less emissions
  • Zero ground disturbance


For more information on the Target Tank, please contact: 780 567 2002