• Waste Processing
  • Fluid Disposal
  • Custom Treating

Our 13 Mile Corner Full Service Terminal offers waste processing, fluid disposal, and custom treating services. We have applied best-in-class engineering practices throughout the design of the facility to meet the expressed needs and preferences of our customers.

As responsible corporate neighbors we designed, built and operate this facility with the environment and public health and safety as a top priority. Our process vessels and tanks use a state-of-the-art vapor collection and recovery system to prevent fugitive emissions. Also, an engineered gas gathering and disposal system handles waste gases from the process and truck unloading.

NWSW 12-156N-101 Williams County
Approval #: 
90159, 700067-01
Hours of Operation: 
The facility operates 24 hours a day
Phone Number: 
701 609 5640
Mailing Address: 
5807 Front Street West, Williston, ND 58801
Facility Personnel: 

Manager - Joshua Mosbrucker 303 903 7807 
Lead Administrator - Brittani Pearson 701 609 4635

Area Marketer: 

Sarah Meeks 701 713 6732