• Fluid Disposal

We designed, built and operate these facilities with the environment and public health and safety in mind, applying best-in-class engineering practices. Our process vessels and tanks feature a state-of-the-art vapor recovery system, ensuring no fugitive emissions. An engineered gas gathering and disposal system handles waste gases from the process and truck unloading.

SWSW 6149-98W McKenzie County
Approval #: 
Hours of Operation: 
The facility operates 24 hours a day
Phone Number: 
701 421 9132
Fax Number: 
701 774 7574
Mailing Address: 
12579 23 Street NW, Watford City, North Dakota 58854
Facility Personnel: 

Facility Manager: Chris Applebee 720 633 7439
Lead Admin - Richard Lainson 509 675 6789

Area Marketer: 

Sarah Meeks
701 713 6732