SECURE's History


Employees >1000

Facilities 39

In 2016, SECURE's PRD division has grown to operate 39 facilities in the WCSB and North Dakota. Our expanding facility footprint has created the opportunity to provide many waste disposal solutions throughout conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration:

  • Kakwa FST: Custom treating and terminalling facility opened to serve customers in the area south of Grande Prairie
  • Big Mountain Creek SWD: Increased disposal capacity
  • Kaybob SWD: Increased disposal capacity
  • Keene FST: Oil pipeline connection completed and shipped first oil in April
  • Pembina Landfill: The only landfill in Alberta accepting Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Kindersley FST: Increased throughput capacity
  • Alida Custom Oil Terminalling Facility: Acquired a clean dry oil blending terminal in Alida, Saskatchewan
  • Judy Creek and La Glace FST: Increased ownership to 100% of both facilities
  • South Grande Prairie Landfill: Completed cell expansion
  • SECURE's Drilling & Production Services division maintained a 29% drilling fluids market share and is growing its Production Chemicals and Chemical EOR product offering
  • SECURE's OnSite Services division is now providing services outside of the oil and gas industry in new geographic regions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, it increased the number of waste containers on customers locations by 32% and focused on furthering the development of the full-cycle water management service
  • In its third year, SECURE’s employee led community volunteerism group: GenC: Caring for our Communities, participated in twelve events throughout the year
  • To align with Alberta’s new Climate Leadership Plan, SECURE established standard operating procedures for managing fugitive emissions at all Canadian facilities
  • In partnership with British Oil and Gas Commission, UBC Okanagan and the MITACS acceleration program; SECURE participated in the Natural Gas Strategic Research Initiative studying the water life cycle for the hydraulic fracturing operations in the northeast B.C.
    Montney play


Employees >1000

Facilities 38

In 2015, SECURE opened five new facilities in strategic areas to meet the needs of our clients: 

  • Wonowon SWD: a fit-for-purpose oilfield fluid processing and disposal facility in the Wonowon area, located near Fort St. John, British Columbia. The facility was designed to accommodate a future expansion in order to reduce truck wait times for our clients while managing products in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.
  • Big Mountain Creek SWD: located close to Grande Prairie, Alberta, this facility is operated by SECURE to meet an increasing market demand for disposal services in the area. It was designed to accommodate an expansion and reduce truck wait times at SECURE’s neighboring South Grande Prairie facility.
  • Tulliby Lake FST: located northwest of Lloydminster, our first facility in the heavy oil corridor offers a full waste solution for heavy oil in Alberta.
  • Rycroft FSR: SECURE`s first organically built FSR offers treating, storage, disposal and transloading services north of Grande Prairie. 
  • Kindersley FSR: Located near Kindersley, Saskatchewan, this facility transloads heavy and light crude via rail to end users which provides oil producers in the area an alternative shipping method to the Corporation`s pipeline connected Kindersley FST.
  • SECURE expanded the existing 13 Mile SWD facility in North Dakota into a full service terminal. As a result, SECURE now operates three full service terminals in North Dakota.
  • The OnSite Services division had individuals awarded the “Goalie of the Month” award from Shell Global for the 12th time;  more than any other Shell contractor. 
  • SECURE partnered with the University of Calgary, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Alberta Environment and Parks to pilot technology to treat soils contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyl (“PCB”). Results of this pilot will be used to promote innovative ways of reclaiming and treating PCB contaminated soils.
  • GenC: Caring for our Communities. Through this campaign 136 SECURE employees contributed 532 hours to volunteering with Calgary based charities in 2015.
  • Our volunteer and donation efforts positively enriched over 40 communities through locally focused initiatives, contributing approximately $300,000 to local charities and organizations throughout our Canadian and U.S. operations. 


Employees >1000

Facilities 35

  • Opened a 7,000 sq. ft. state-of-the art laboratory that is staffed by an experienced team of Ph.D. chemists. This facility assists clients with technical challenges through simulations and testing, development of new products, and education sessions.
  • Acquired Oilflow Solutions; thus expanding our drilling services division to include Completion Fluids, Production Chemicals and Chemical Enhance Oil Recovery.
  • Expanded our service offering to include rail transloading infrastructure in several locations.
  • The Edson, Alberta, Stanley and Keene, North Dakota standalone water disposal facilities were converted into Full Service Terminals.
  • SECURE continues to grow its oilfield services throughout the entire life cycle of the well; from exploration, to production, through to final reclamation.


Employees >1000

Facilities 26

  • SECURE adds the On-Site Services division with the acquisition of Frontline Integrated Services in April, 2013. SECURE now has three divisions: Processing, Recovery and Disposal, On-Site Services and Drilling Services.
  • SECURE opens its first landfill in North Dakota, the 13 Mile Special Waste Landfill in November, 2013.
  • SECURE completes two standalone water disposal facilities in North Dakota: Stanley and Keene in November, 2013.
  • SECURE's Drilling Services Division acquires Target Rentals and the patented Dual Containment Horizontal Fluid Storage,Target TankTM, to its equipment rental services in July, 2013.
  • Continued growth of Oil Based Mud blending facilities in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.
  • The Saddle Hills landfill was completed and opened in December, 2013.
  • The Kindersley Full Service Terminal was completed and opened in December, 2013. 
  • The Kaybob standalone water disposal facility was completed and opened in August, 2013.  


Employees 794

Facilities 20

  • 1 new full service terminal, 2 new stand-alone disposal facilities and 1 new landfill.
  • Imperial Drilling Fluids is added to the drilling services division providing drilling fluid services to the Denver-Julesburg basin in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska.
  • SECURE begins operations in the USA with two stand-alone Water Disposal (SWD) facilities in North Dakota.
  • The drilling services division acquires BITUDRIL™, a SAGD technology.
  • The organization’s first combined FST and Invert Blending facility is commissioned in Drayton Valley, AB as an integrated service facility.
  • CleanSite™ is established providing Containerized Waste Bins & Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material management.
  • SECURE reaches the $1 billion dollar market capitalization milestone.



Employees 504

Facilities 14

  • 2 new full service terminals.
  • SECURE acquires Marquis Alliance Energy Group &  XL Fluid Systems and forms a drilling services division that includes drilling & completion fluids, solids control equipment & rentals and environmental services. These acquisitions add over 200 highly talented employees to the organization.
  • SECURE enters the heavy oil market with the addition of the Silverdale facility in Saskatchewan, this is the first facility to use railways to transport crude oil to market.
  • SECURE begins offering Frac Pond rentals as the foundation of an integrated water solutions program.



Employees 121

Facilities 12

  • 1 new full service terminal and 1 new landfill.
  • SECURE acquires Pembina Class I & II landfill, one of only two Class I landfills in Alberta.
  • SECURE completes its initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:SES)  19,166,667 common shares at $3.00/share.
  • Obed and South Grande Prairie facilities are upgraded from SWD's to FST's.



Employees 59

Facilities 9

  • 1 new full service terminal and 2 new stand-alone water disposal facilities.
  • SECURE builds an FST near Fox Creek, AB that would become the organization’s busiest terminal for crude oil.
  • SWD's continue to be commissioned for strong future development of FST's.



Employees 36

Facilities 7

  • 2 new full service terminals, 3 new stand-alone water disposal facilities and 1 new landfill.
  • LaGlace FST is SECURE’s first pipeline connected facility.
  • SECURE opens the first SWD facility as an efficient solution to fluids disposal with future potential to be upgraded into an FST (Emerson).
  • SECURE closes its first asset acquisition by purchasing a facility near Fort Nelson, BC (Kotcho).
  • A second landfill is opened at Willesden Green as SECURE expands its geographic footprint into South-Central Alberta.



Employees 16

Facilities 1

  • 1 new landfill.
  • SECURE Energy Services is incorporated.
  • SECURE’s first facility opens: South Grande Prairie Class II Oilfield Landfill.