It started with a four letter word: help. The question, how? This is how SECURE came to be – it's the reason why we do what we do.

SECURE exists to help our customers achieve their goals. It's how we've grown from one division to three, and one landfill to over 90 services with operations throughout Canada and the United States. We go where our customers go. SECURE works to provide lower costs and improved efficiencies for our customer at every stage of the energy life cycle, because your goal is our goal.

  • Environment

    Efficiently manage your 
    environmental responsibilities

    We understand the need for you to find innovative and cost-saving opportunities to minimize the environmental impact of your activities. We can help you manage your environmental liabilities safely and efficiently, while recovering value from waste streams.

    As your partner, you can trust us to help you achieve your environmental goals through customized solutions that deliver results - from waste and water management to well abandonment. We understand the factors that define success - such as safety, overall project cost and operational efficeincy - and have engineered solutions to deliver.

    Helping you manage environmental responsibilities with:

    • Leadership in the discovery and implementation of new methods and technologies for reducing environmental impact while improving efficiencies
    • Deep expertise with all environmental requirements and challenges throughout the energy life cycle
    • Patented drilling fluids engineered to minimize environmental impact and reduce drilling time
    • State-of-the-art waste management and custom treating facilities equipped with sophistcated monitoring and measurement systems

    Environmental solutions catered to your unique project needs:

  • Innovation

    Benefit from practical 
    innovations that drive results

    Western Canada's largest industry lab > 6,000 Sq/Ft > 8 PHD's > 24/7 Field Support

    Exciting breakthroughs in technology are redefining energy possibilities, creating opportunities fro improved efficiency, reduced environmental impact and higher returns. We are at the forefront of innovation within our service areas and make significant and ongoing investments in new technologies, processes and methods to address the most pressing needs and challenges expressed by our customers. 

    If you need a solution to a complex challenge you haven't seen before, we can help. We've been tasked with some of the most demanding and varied projects - from complex drilling systems to implosion demolitions, challenging pipeline integrity digs and frac fluid recycling.

    Through the introduction of new service lines and 
    technologies we are able to:

  • One-Stop Service Partner

    Experience a one-stop service
    partner you can count on.

    Managing multiple vendors can be inefficient and create the many hassles and challenges associated with inconsistent quality and service. Our integrated service approach allows you to experience the simplicity and efficiency of working with a single partner that can service your needs through all stages of the energy life cycle, and deliver all services to the same standard of quality - on budget, and on time. 

    By truly listening to our customer's unique needs we develop customized, integrated solutions that deliver results while taking full advantage of the efficiencies that come through delivering multiple services under a single management structure.

    The value-added of working with a single service partner:

    • Consistent standard of quality and service
    • One project manager for all services
    • Simplified adminstration - one contract, one invoice
    • Dedicated field support
    • 24/7 emergency response
    • Simplified reporting
    • Accurate data collection and tracking for well performance
    • Customized solutions

    Comprehensive services throughout the energy life cycle:

    Drilling and completions
    From environmental planning to drilling fluids and systems, completion fluids, solids control equipment, lab services and waste disposal

    From pipeline integrity to custom treating and crude oil terminalling, to fluids and solids processing and disposal

    From demolition and decommissioning to full scale abandonment, remediation and reclamation of pipelines and well sites

  • Safety Mission

    Work alongside a trusted partner
    with a shared safety mission

    We understand and value your commitment to safety excellence and keeping your employees - and ours - safe. It's a key reason why our customers choose to partner with us - to ensure that everyone gets home safely to their families, every day. An incident-free workplace is a shared philosophy ingrained into every aspect of our operations, and a core value that is never compromised. 

    We are committed to exceeding compliance when it comes to working safely. Your safety mission is our safety mission. We ensure all of our employees understand and demonstrate responsible safety competency as it pertains to their role. 

    How do we keep our people - and yours - safe?

    • Provide industry recognized training for all employees
    • Execute a behaviour-based safety program
    • Consistent planning, supervision and company-wide communication
    • Standardized hazard and incident reporting following site-specific safety plans
    • State-of-the-art monitors, PPE and safety equipment
    • Daily equipment inspection and maintenance
    • Sub-contractor pre-qualification programs
    • Daily, weekly and monthly safety meetings
    • Safety audits